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AGGLO TAXES: The same story in 2022 
Challenge the Agglo's abusive tax increases




Hello to all citizens of Beaconsfield.

So, have you made your first tax installment?
Many noticed the 10% increase!

Most of this increase comes from Agglo.
And without any additional service!

Did you know that the Agglo taxes on the average value of residences in Beaconsfield:

  • Increased by 22.2% since 2019 (3 years), when inflation was only 5.6%?

  • Increased by 61.9% since 2009 (13 years), when inflation was only 25.4%?

  • The 2022 budget of the City of Montreal provides for an average increase of 2% in residential taxes (but almost 10% for Beaconsfield)!










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If you want the full story, read this first.


In 2019, Mayor Bourelle already estimated [1] that the surtax costs each resident $600 per year. Today it is therefore at least double!

Why does the Agglo overtax us?

This injustice stems directly from the unilateral modification, in 2019, of the rules for calculating the taxes of the Agglo, established in the 2008 agreement during the reconstitution of the cities following the demergers of 2006.

“This injustice is intolerable. It is inconceivable to pay more taxes, without additional services, just because of a faulty calculation algorithm that makes unfair sharing of regional service costs. This reduces, without reason, the contribution of cities with many businesses and industries to the detriment of cities where citizens pay the majority of municipal taxes,” notes [2] Mayor Bourelle.


This injustice will get worse

Mayor Bourelle points out [3] that the injustice experienced by Beaconsfield will worsen with the increase in property values ​​in the next three-year property assessment roll (2023, 2024, 2025). Experts project an average increase in values ​​of 30% for the residential sector and little change for commercial and industrial buildings.

Beaconsfield sues the agglomeration

Our city responded with a lawsuit against the city of Montreal, which has been increasing by $2 million per year since 2019.

2019: The BCA reacted

In November 2019, the Beaconsfield Citizen Association (BCA) organized [4] a letter campaign to the Minister of Municipal Affairs. This campaign generated dozens of letters. This prompted our MNA to bring the two mayors and the Minister to the same table to discuss this.

On the other hand, the Mayor of Montreal was not interested in negotiating, this prevented any progress. In the fall of 2021, the Quebec government issued a ministerial decree ratifying the unfair clause that allows Montreal to overtax suburban cities without increasing services.

The root cause

In our view, the root cause of this situation is the Montreal Agglomeration, this wobbly structure that is deeply unfair to the citizens of suburban municipalities.

What needs to change

This unfair situation continues, we must react, once again.

We require a more equitable redefinition of the Agglomeration, where we are taxed without any right of reply, and without extra services.

We must also require cancellation of the ministerial decree to change this unsustainable status quo and eliminate this abusive and unfair taxation for the citizens of suburban cities of Montreal.

2022: the BCA protested again to the Minister

On February 28, 2022, the BCA wrote to the Minister of Municipal Affairs, Mrs. Andrée Laforest, to protest vehemently against this totally unacceptable and unfair situation.

Speak up, protest against the unfair increase and the wobbly structure

Your support is essential and urgent.

The BCA asks you to voice your anger at this injustice. Send an email letter (attached) to the Minister of Municipal Affairs and to all email addresses listed below. And don't forget to copy the BCA so that we measure the magnitude of these reactions.



Concerted community efforts like this are needed to change the untenable status quo and arrive at a more equitable and sustainable Montreal Agglo Taxation formula for suburban municipalities that eliminate the present unfair and unjust over taxation home owners of suburban municipalities are burdened with.


We encourage all residents of Beaconsfield  and other suburban municipalities to do the same to make their voice heard on this important issue by sending a letter the Minister of Municipalities.

You can send the below letter (Word-edited or PDF-not edited) by copying it to the listed e-mail addresses. Make sure to cc  BCA-ACB so we can measure these important reactions.

It is very important to support us.


The more we are, the more we can change this situation, the more we will stop being subjected to unfair and irrevocable tax increases.

Thank you to all of you,

Michel Rheault,



Here are the name of those to be sent:

Mrs Andrée Laforest, Ministre des Affaires municipales et du Logement -

Mr. Gregory Kelly, Jacques-Cartier MNA -

Mr. George Bourelle, Beaconsfield mayor -

Mrs Valérie Plante, Montréal Mayor -

Association des Municipalités de Banlieue -

Beaconsfield Citizens Association -



[3] ibid


Send a letter

<-LEFT: The ready-to-go letter. Simply click here, attach this PDF to your email, copy the below e-mail addresses and paste them in the To: section of your email. You can add a Title, such as "An angry Beaconsfield taxpayer", and any Comments you want in the text section, followed by your name and address (optional).

RIGHT-> Here is a Word version of this letter that you can personalize, sign and send to the below e-mail addresses and paste them in the To: section of your email. You can also add a Title, such as "An angry Beaconsfield taxpayer", and any Comments you want in the text section, followed by your name and address (optional).


Click to download the PDF letter

Click to download the Word letter

Following are the e-mail addresses of the Minister, our MNA, the Mayors and relevant Associations

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