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Floods - Special Intervention Zone (SIZ)

Following the 2017 and 2019 spring floods, the government of Québec decided to take action. 

"Major floods in the spring of 2019 affected more than 250 municipalities and thousands of homes, forced the evacuation of more than 10,000 people and resulted in the closure of several roads.


The government set up a ministerial action group to respond more effectively to the needs of flood victims, and to prepare Québec for the spring flood of 2020 and subsequent years.

In addition, the government has adopted a draft decree to declare a special intervention zone (ZIS) to promote better management of flood zones."

From the "Ministère des Affaires Municipales..."  (MAM) web site

The MAM created and published a new mapping of the flooded zones, they prepared a new decree aiming at creating a "Special Intervention Zone" (SIZ), and gave approximately 6 weeks to the citizens and municipalities  to understand the new situation, the negative side-effects, and to correct the SIZ before they were affected.

July 4, 2019 : Public information meetings were organized across the province. 

July 8 and 9 2019 :The city reacted to this chain of events. (see video - starting at 9:00), and this reaction.

July 10th 2019 : Still, the BCA felt more reactions were missing, and we sent a letter to the Mayor, the councellors, Mrs Andrée La Forest, Ministre des Affaires municipales et de l’habitation, Mrs Chantal Rouleau, Ministre responsable de la Métropole et de la région de Montréal, and M. Greg Kelley, MNA – Jacques – Cartier

To send your commets to the MAM via email or to exclude your home from the SIZ before August 19 2019

Beaconsfield Flood.jpg

August 7 2019: The city of Beaconsfield announces that the city has been heard.

Good news - The City of Beaconsfield has been able through various determined efforts to convince the Quebec  Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing to have waterfront properties in Beaconsfield eliminated from the SIZ Flood Zone Map.

The BCA had been following the flood zone removal process closely over the last month and a half by attending regular and special council meetings addressing the subject as well as attending the SIZ information Session held by the Quebec Government on July 4th at the Holiday Inn in Pointe Claire. A letter of concern and recommendations was send by the BCA to City Hall , with copies to Ministries involved as well as our local MNA, Mr. Gregory Kelly.

Waterfront property owners,  city administration, construction companies and realtors can breathe easy again with affairs turning back to normal.

For background information click on the following links: ( BCA letter to City Hall & City Hall news release below )

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