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Challenging the assessment role

The new assessment roll is prepared by the city of Montreal every 3 years. It comes into effect on January 1, 2023. The assessment roll is used as the basis for calculating municipal and school taxes. It allows the tax burden to be distributed among the landowners.

You disagree with the property assessment of your property? It doesn't reflect reality? Here is when and how to request a review of the assessment roll.

This is a short summary of the relevant information about a review. All of the following information comes from Please see this site for more details.


A request for a review of the assessment roll may result in an increase, decrease or no change in the roll value.


You can request a review of the 2023-2024-2025 role before April 30, 2023.


The request form, payment and all relevant documents must be provided when filing the request for review. This is the form :


Your request must briefly state the reasons or arguments put forward in support of it, for example:
•    defects in the building (breakage, construction defects, etc.)
•    the existence of nuisances (noise, pollution, flood, etc.)
•    its economic situation (loss of rent, high expenses, sales of comparable properties)


The amount of taxes to be paid or the comparison of the values entered on the roll (not to be confused with the sale price of comparable buildings) are not considered as valid reasons.

Compare transactions that occurred for properties located in your area

Before requesting a review of the property assessment roll, check the sale price of comparable properties in your neighborhood. This city property sales consultation service allows you to obtain a portrait of the market for buildings of the same category and located in the same sector as yours.


Taxes included, non-refundable :

Value of your property                                                                                   Price
Less than or equal to $ 500,000                                                                   $ 75
Greater than 500,000 and less than or equal to $ 2,000,000                   $ 300
More than $ 2,000,000 and less than $ 5,000,000                                     $ 500
Over $ 5,000,000                                                                                            $ 1,000


West Division Service Point

1868 Boulevard des Sources
Office 500
Pointe-Claire (QC) H9R 5R2
Telephone: 514 280-3825

Visit of your property

The law on municipal taxation provides for an inspection of buildings every 9 years. However, a request for a review of the assessment roll will result in a visit by a technician or an inspector. When he comes to you, he identifies himself with a proper ID.

Once again, please visit the Property assessment pages provided by the city of Montreal.

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