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Comparing Beacondsfield with West Island cities

The BCA sincerely thanks Mr. Rick Jones for this compilation work.

The following tables and graph demontrates how Beaconsfield taxes compare to four other West Island cities. Tables and numbers on this page compares the total taxes including local property, water and waste management taxes and Agglo taxes.


The comparable cities are : Kirkland, Pointe-Claire, Pierrefonds and DDO.


The following table compares Beaconsfield total taxes for the average home with these cities for the past 3 years :

Compare WI 2018-2020.JPG

Following are a graph and a table showing the  detailled 2020 total taxes for the average home in these five cities.

Please note :

  • 2020-22 house full valuations were used for Pointe Claire & Beaconsfield, for other cities, the increase in valuation was spread equally over three years.

  • Average water consumption and waste disposal for Beaconsfield were used.

  • For prior years, the same house valuation was used  for all cities as the 2017-2019 valuation was then spread evenly over 3 years. 

Taxes 2020 Graph.JPG
Detailled 2020 taxes.JPG

Here are the total taxes for the Beaconsfield average home value.

Total taxes WI 2018-2020.JPG
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