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BCA: A part of the community

The BCA is an association of people who care deeply about their city.


Members of the association’s executive committee regularly attend city council and other important meetings.  

Through its website, Facebook page and emails, the BCA keeps residents informed on what transpired during these sessions and what action needs to be taken to ensure that city officials remain responsive to the taxpayer’s needs.

The BCA Advocates
  • Citizen involvement

  • Quality of life

  • Responsible municipal government

  • Financial stability and fiscal responsibility

  • Transparency in municipal government

Other Interests


  • The quality of municipal services

  • Urban planning

  • Safety, municipal patrol and traffic management

  • The environment and green spaces

Our Monthly Meetings

The BCA meets every month of the year except July and August.


Meetings are held every month at different locations according to room availability:


Come and see us!

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